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Catalyst Sports - Bat Speed Recon

The Bat Speed Recon is a piece of sports training equipment that is designed to accurately measure the speed of a baseball bat.

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Dop is a practical and portable phone suction mount designed to help you watch and create content on your smart device where you want, when you want.

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Pulse is a camera remote that gives the user wireless control of a camera from his or her smartphone.  It can support continual active control of a camera, determine settings that persist when the phone is disconnected, and even expands time laps features!

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GROio is a modular, connected grow system that automates indoor agriculture via a system sensors and dosing mechanisms (pH, EC, water temperature, water level, water flow, pump current, and leak detection). Users can configure their optimal settings via a phone or web application, developing their own grow technique or leaning on the collective experience of the GROio social network to set up their grow environment.

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CompoKeeper is an in-home bin designed to take the yuck out of composting and make it easier to accommodate in everyday living. Kristen and Van Hess’ vision for an in-home composting bin needed to factor in proximity to wall, residual smell, ease of removal, and secure storing of compost contents.

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Hemera Project

Hemera Project is seeking to make our world more convenient, greener, and safer. Their first project is a watch that stores solar energy so users can charge their smartphones on the go.

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