Photo courtesy of Alpine Labs



Pulse is a camera remote that gives the user wireless control of a camera from his or her smartphone.  It can support continual active control of a camera, determine settings that persist when the phone is disconnected, and even expands time lapse features!

Study Highlights

  • Optical profile of indicator LEDs and mechanical diffuser
  • Selection of wall thicknesses, plastics, surface texture to support both target aesthetic and functionality
  • Mechanical envelope size constraints (adhering to promised Kickstarter/reviewer specifications)
  • Design for assembly (DFA) of the device, while also maintaining a joining mechanism that prevents users from opening the device and voiding their warranty
  • FCC certifications (intentional transmitter) and environmental resistance standards and declared compliance
  • Consistent and reliable mechanical integration of the device with the hot shoes of target cameras
  • Battery life within an acceptable range as to not be a nuisance to the user without increasing the target size of the device


Alpine Laboratories came to us after developing a beautiful prototype of their Pulse product and completing a successful Kickstarter campaign.  Though the device was functional, it was not yet ready for manufacture and had tight specifications promised to their backers that still needed to be validated.  Remaining tasks included finalizing the optical elements of the light indicator UI (placement of LEDs and characteristics of the diffuser), as well as optimizing the mechanical design for manufacture, assembly, and aesthetics.


BES reviewed the existing mechanical and electrical design files and their restrictions (some elements could not be adjusted due to certification, aesthetic, or functional requirements).  Those elements that were under review were systematically prototyped and evaluated for their effect on usability, appearance, and cost at production (both in terms of tooling and COGS).   As the design was finalized, our engineers supported the first production run by providing minor tweaks to ready the design for the CM specific manufacturing processes.  


The Pulse camera accessory is now in production and is even included on the 5280 Magazine’s 2016 Colorado-Centric Gifts For The Holiday Season!  See what other people are saying about it, or check out their website to learn more!     Digital Trends Review      Wired.com Review    Lifewire Review