Hemera Project

Hemera Q Band


Hemera Project is seeking to make our world more convenient, greener, and safer. Their first project is a watch that stores solar energy so users can charge their smartphones on the go without introducing bulky chargers or battery packs. The sales from their initial market quarter would support their efforts to provide solar-powered lights to West Africa as a safe alternative to kerosene lamps.

Study Highlights

Initial discovery phase lead to prudent decision to pause or pivot development.


Hemera’s initial idea was great, but it needed assistance proving the concept and ultimately designing the product. There were concerns of incorporating the core functionality (relating to sufficient solar panels and storage electronics) into an attractive package that users would want to wear and use and at a validated price point.


BES investigated the required electronics and surface area requirements to suitably store solar power and charge a smartphone to a target level within a tolerable time frame. At the same time, we also concepted watch designs that would accommodate the required geometries and electrical design.


Ultimately, Hemera Project made the decision to pause development while they further investigated the market for viability. This prudent decision to consider a pivot was made possible by the engineering research and preliminary design renderings developed under our initial discovery phase of engagement.