adj. Forward-thinking

1. Favoring progress and development; innovative.
Synonyms: progressive, enlightened, dynamic, pushing, bold, enterprising, ambitious, pioneering, innovative, modern.

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Rapid Product Development

With BES, you can get your product to market faster. We specialize in iterative design and prototyping, moving from concept to manufacture as efficiently and effectively as possible. Every step of our process, from industrial design to finalized drawings, is done with manufacturability in mind and often with manufacturer review.

Concept to Market

With a keen understanding of our manufacturer’s needs, BES can begin any prototype design with an eye for the final product. This helps keep the number of design iterations and our client’s costs down. BES can provide connections to a verified group of international manufacturers when needed while also providing the right designs, drawings, and manufacturing fixtures to get your product there.


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If it's not beautiful, then it’s not a finished design--and if it wasn’t made with the user in mind, then it isn’t any good either. Boulder Engineering Studio handles the design process from initial sketches through finalized prints for manufacture. We innovate and beautify all aspects of a product to make manufacture faster, operation seamless, and marketing easier.



Software, electrical, and mechanical engineering--BES brings it all under one roof. The key to modern product development and innovation is the ability to integrate ideas from across many disciplines and fields. Our multi-faceted teams with experience in everything from cancer research to optics, power tools, and interactive art brings a unique and creative approach to problem solving and engineering.

Q: What industries does BES work in and what type of clients does BES have? A: Most of them.


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Augment Your Team

Unlike some engineers, we at Boulder Engineering Studio love working with external teams. Instead of working with a salesperson, you work directly with BES engineers who thrive on seeing your product’s success. BES can help fill in your team’s gaps in skills or knowledge or amplify your workforce to shorten timelines.


Product Development Strategy

Developing a rough concept into a real, successful product is anything but easy. Having consulted for hundreds of product development programs, Boulder Engineering Studio knows what works and has seen what doesn’t. We’re here to help guide you along the way, whether that’s deciding to procure venture capital, planning an MVP, or optimizing for manufacture.


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Developing new technologies can require a range of skills and services, and BES is well suited to support commercial and institutional R&D efforts. Our team is experienced in studying the state of the art and pushing forward into new territory. We have worked with test labs, regulatory agencies, and other research groups across the world to study and develop technologies for commercial and academic projects, and are excited by the opportunity to discover something new. Whether your project calls for in-depth iterative development or a quick review of recent or pending publications, BES can help your research project succeed. 

IP Development

Boulder Engineering Studio can help you navigate the complex arena of intellectual property by working with you and your attorney to develop strategy, claims, supporting language and prior art research in the most efficient and cost effective ways possible. We are experienced in developing elegant patent sketches quickly to protect your ideas.


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