GROio System
Image courtesy of GROio




GROio is a modular, connected grow system that automates indoor agriculture via a system sensors and dosing mechanisms (pH, EC, water temperature, water level, water flow, pump current, and leak detection). Users can configure their optimal settings via a phone or web application, developing their own grow technique or leaning on the collective experience of the GROio social network to set up their grow environment.

Study Highlights

  • Full program (concept through production) development
  • Linux based computing system
  • Custom electronics and mechanical housing and lighting
  • Accommodation of additional design requirements
  • App integration


The GROio team has a vision for a smart grow system with an excellent software development team, but needed help with the mechanical, electrical, and firmware development of the physical device. The system needed to be modular so users could pick and choose the control elements that are most important to them, without impeding future expansion and new product lines.


BES created a physical device that met the critical design objectives for the first production release while also setting a foundation for future product expansion.  The system is versatile enough to accommodate and control other third party devices and sensors. It can also be easily adapted to larger, more industrial greenhouse environments.


GROio is on market and accepting new orders!  To learn more about the product, check out for more information.