Pipe Inspection


Robotics, Metallurgy research

Client Size

Fortune 10


$58k dev, $4.6k materials, 6 months


A metallurgy research team at a large, international company required a miniaturized electronics system for controlling a pipe-inspection robot. They had a functional prototype that used an off-the-shelf development board to demonstrate individual feature sets but the form factor was much too big for their application.


Boulder Engineering Studio evaluated existing open source platforms that could perform the basic functions and redesigned the electrical hardware to occupy the smallest possible volume to meet the small size constraints. BES then developed software for operating the device over a standard WiFi network.



  • Specifications
  • Functional prototype requiring miniaturization


BES Process

  • Discovery
  • POC Prototype


Standards & Certs

  • N/A: small volume tool for internal use



  • Foundational POC prototype with multiple functional subsystems at target miniaturized size
  • Device control via web.py POST/get requests


Services Provided

  • Electrical design
  • Mechanical integration
  • High speed signal integrity design
  • Miniaturization from raspberry pi/breakout boards
  • Motor control
  • Real-time embedded Linux video
  • High speed MIPI camera interface
  • Leveraged Video for Linux (V for L)
  • Linux distributions (Ubuntu variant and Angstrom)
  • Web-based API development



Special Technologies

  • MIPI differential camera interface
  • Ultra fine pitch components
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