Interdisciplinary Successes

We Play Nicely With Others

Our interdisciplinary team allows us to find the best possible solutions quickly.  We leverage the expertise of our peers to efficiently create designs that exceed our clients' expectations and delight their own customers. With a nimble team, BES can move faster, more efficiently, and with more creative output than other design shops. 


 Here are some of our favorite examples:

  • We designed and manufactured a family of military grade avionics accessories by utilizing consumer product processes to produce high-end products at a fraction of industry standard costs while still meeting stringent RTCA/DO-160g standards. Our closely knit team of mechanical and electronics designers let us miniaturize the final product package from 20+ pounds to fewer than 7 pounds. 


  • We created a 3D scanning commercial sensor by designing for and testing to aerospace standards. This allowed us to create a lightweight bulletproof product with reduced breakdowns, a better user experience for operators, and increased confidence for customers. We’ve seen almost a 98% up-time for the sensors which is unheard of in an industry where the average is closer to 50%.


  • A commercial HVAC controller designed with our eye for user experience (UI), as though it were a consumer electronics product, resulted in easier use and lower cost of operations for our client's customers.  This was a result of careful integration between our electrical and software teams.


  • A manufacturing process device built using cutting edge fabrication techniques resulted in a reduction of components from >180 parts to 18: a huge reliability, assembly and cost optimization.  The processes were also better tailored to the client's small production volume (a few hundred to a few thousand per year) than traditional high-volume techniques.
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