Composite Dispenser



Client Size

5+ product line


$25k dev, $2k materials, 9 months


When approaching BES, the client had already begun developing a novel, clinically-oriented product with in-house engineering. Their team was struggling with electromechanical integration specifically concerning product durability, ergonomics, and design for manufacture & assembly.


Boulder Engineering studio integrated the client into our process of hands-on iterative prototyping. With collaboration between our multi-disciplinary teams, BES was able to affordably redesign the device’s custom electronics, safety-oriented firmware, and mechanical components. Suggestions were made to the client’s in-house team for simpler changes to enhance usability and reliability.



  • Mechanical design team
  • Proof of concept prototype
  • Working specifications document


BES Process

  • Prototyping
  • Finalization


Standards & Certs

  • FCC CFR Title 47 Part 15 Sub Part B



  • Two rounds of prototypes
  • Adapted to cordless design
  • Resilient product design
  • Manufacture-ready design packet
  • Testing support


Services Provided

  • Electrical design
  • BOM population
  • Software development
  • Electromechanical integration
  • Product consulting
  • Heater control
  • Adaptation to cordless system (including battery control/charge/discharge)



Special Technologies

  • High thermal conductivity materials
  • Miniaturization
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