Synergistic Building Technologies

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Images courtesy of SBT



Synergistic Building Technologies (SBT) wants to change the way we raise crops. In the era of connected devices, the sensors and controls of a greenhouse can be networked and automated. SBT integrates high-efficiency greenhouse building design with modern electronics, creating a system that is more efficient, reliable, and convenient than conventional greenhouse technology.

Study Highlights

Integration with client’s internal mechanical team; Software module


The SBT team previously outlined a system that would connect temperature, humidity, light, and other sensors to a system of motorized louvers that could adjust their position for optimal growing conditions. Their primary need was assistance designing and prototyping a system that would incorporate custom sensor PCBs, ZigBee RF communication, motor control, and Internet connectivity.


BES designed a custom electronics module that could connect to the various sensors and controls of a client’s greenhouse. Each module communicated over a wireless network and a central server provided a web user- interface, greenhouse control automation, and long-term data-logging. We hand-built prototype electronics modules for the SBT’s first greenhouse and the design was suitable for large-scale manufacturing.


The first SBT system is currently in operation in Maryland undergoing testing before further redesigns are implemented during our subsequent optimization phase.